Message from the President

   The competency of pharmacists has a great influence on the health of the general public. Professional proficiency of hospital and clinical pharmacists has direct impacts on the drug safety and effectiveness in critically ill inpatients. To improve the quality of pharmacy practice, Taiwan Society of Hospital Pharmacists (latter became Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists, TSHP) was established in 1986 by 36 hospital pharmacy directors and pharmacy school faculties. Formosa Journal of Clinical Pharmacy was started in 1992 to serve as a platform for the pharmacists to share the outcome of their practice, education and research.
    Majority of TSHP members are hospital pharmacists and clinical pharmacy faculties. They are the most important teachers in clinical sciences, and the most important preceptors in hospital pharmacy practice experiences and advance pharmacy practice experiences. Their professional proficiency correlate with the quality of pharmacy education. However, because of heavy workload work, pressure from teaching and research, environmental and salary problems, the number of hospital pharmacists declines continuously in recent years. TSHP must collaborate with the TPA, PST, TFDA, MOHW, and NHI; connect with the world through FIP; and implement pharmacy development strategies, such as automated pharmacy with information technology, reimbursement for cognitive services, implementation of clinical pharmacy residency and pharmacy specialists. So that clinical pharmacists and clinical pharmacy faculties can join in the healthcare team to provide the best services, education and research for the benefit of the general public. We hope that more and more enthusiastic pharmacists join us to create a future.